Maintenance / Repair

The expected life of your roof can be dramatically shortened from continual exposure to the elements and roof traffic to roof top equipment maintenance.

Timely and appropriate roof maintenance plays a critical role in leak prevention and also to prolong the life of a roofing system. Provincial Roofing is skilled at identifying, reporting and addressing roofing issues that need to be dealt with before they result in costly and inconvenient problems.

We created a comprehensive Roof Maintenance Program to greatly increase the life expectancy of your roof. This Program consists of a number two steps:

Step 1: A roof survey

  • Roof drawing
  • Description of roof system and materials used
  • A complete roof inspection utilizing a standard checklist
  • A complete summary of the roof status, itemizing any deficiencies
  • Recommendations for repairs
  • A detailed quote for repairs

The life expectancy and options for replacement are also included in the program.

Step 2: An annual maintenance contract

  • Annual roof inspection utilizing a standard checklist
  • Annual update of roof drawings
  • Roof maintenance
    • Clean up of debris
    • Re-fill plastic boxes
    • Re-caulk as required all vent pipes, and rain collars
    • Re-seal all areas of caulking as required
    • Clean all debris from roof hoppers
    • Secure any loose metal flashings
    • Making any temporary emergency repairs

A complete summary of the roof status, itemizing any deficiencies, recommendations for repairs and a detailed quote for repairs is provided and all this can be viewed on our own company internet portal.

Sample roofs badly in need of repair.