With over four decades of roofing expertise, we know every roof is unique. Therefore Provincial Roofing has made it our priority to thoroughly understand your distinctive roofing needs and based on our years of experience and industry knowledge, guide you through a roofing solution that is right for you.

The latest in technology

The process of determining the existence and amount of wet insulation present in a conventional, flat, commercial roofing system is integral to deciding what action should be taken. Repairs, maintenance or replacement are all very different in terms of scope and cost. Provincial Roofing looks at roofs from four critical analyses perspectives: age, appearance, leak history and the existence and quantity of wet insulation.

Quick and Accurate Analysis

Provincial Roofing offers the latest in technology with our thermal imaging camera to provide a quick, accurate analysis of the existence and amount of wet insulation on your flat roof. If the roof history is not known or there has been a previous roof leak, take advantage of our Infrared Thermal Scanning, a new service offered by Provincial Roofing. From our findings coupled with our decades of experience, we will determine the current state of your roof and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Did you know?

Did you know that wet insulation conducts heat from a building more easily than dry insulation? As these wet areas allow more heat to be emitted through the roof, our thermal camera detects this in real time. We conduct our scanning during optimal times and conditions as to accurately determine which parts of the roof are retaining heat.

Costs will vary according to the size and surrounding conditions. Please call us to book your Infrared Thermal Scanning!

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