At Provincial Roofing, we understand just how important it is to maintain authenticity and integrity when considering a roofing contractor to perform an historic preservation and restoration on your building.

We know the care and proficiency required when working on an historical building and that’s why we have a team that specializes in the repair, replacement and restoration of roof and ornamental sheet metal assemblies on historical buildings. Heritage restoration requires a philosophy of tradition with the essential expertise in workmanship to be capable it its replication.

Our dedication to achieving the historical accuracy of your building is second to none. We are well versed in techniques to replicate roofing and flashing elements as well as slate and clay tile; wood/cedar shingles; custom copper roofing and ornamental cornice details; gutters and downspouts; sheet lead ornamental details and domes, spires and vaults.

There is no better area of roofing that better showcases the high level of expertise, quality workmanship and the integrity of the Provincial Roofing team than preservation and conservation of the historical aspects and architectural style of your building.

We are well versed in techniques to maintain the historical accuracy of your building.