Provincial Roofing is Proud to Give Back

Here at Provincial Roofing, we not only care about providing quality service to our customers but also serving our community. That’s why, we are pleased to sponsor Taylor Reid, an up and coming triathlete bound to make waves in the competition circuit this year.

Since the age of 17, Taylor has committed countless hours to climbing the ranks in the Triathlon world even though his passion for running was discovered just a few years earlier.

Both Taylor and Provincial Roofing CEO David Uglow share a passion for athletics and possess a strong work ethic that makes them elite in their fields. They also belong to the same training club, C3.

In addition to being an outstanding athlete, Taylor is also a thoughtful person. His commitment as a spokesperson for dyslexia awareness is what makes him the perfect candidate to represent the quality service and integrity that Provincial Roofing stands for.

We look forward to helping Taylor attend his races this year and are proud to contribute to his growth as an athlete.

To learn more about Taylor and his triathlete career, read his blog.

Taylor Reid