Most industrial buildings have what is considered a flat roof.

This roof, although out of sight and out of mind, provides the bulk of the buildings protection from the elements. It is constantly being assailed by the elements, abused by foot traffic from roof top mechanical maintenance, occasionally flooded with water, and generally not maintained.

At Provincial Roofing, with our over 40 years of experience, we will determine the best action to take; be it a simple repair, a maintenance plan or a full roof replacement.

The Provincial Roofing “Replacement Process”

When a roof is beyond maintenance or repair, and replacement is the only viable option, Provincial Roofing leverages its 40-plus years’ experience to provide building owners and managers with the best advice in terms of the scope of work and material recommendations.

To determine what the “right” roofing solution is for you, Provincial Roofing has developed a process to evaluate, assess and recommend a Roofing Program customized to meet your unique needs.

The Provincial Roofing team will evaluate your needs and assess which of the numerous types of roofing systems is right for you, including conventional, protected membrane, loose laid and ballasted, mechanically fastened, and fully adhered, as well as green and solar applications (either recovered or full replacement).

Once a system is chosen, the team will look at specific possibilities depending on the specifications of the project, including the type of vapour retarder, insulation type and thickness, type of membrane, etc.

We will also assess which product suppliers to use, which includes the requirement for long-term warranties. We have made it our policy to work with any material manufacturer; so you can rest easy knowing our professionals will choose roofing materials based solely on your unique roofing situation and not on a relationship with any one material manufacturer.

Whether dealing directly with the owner, property manager, or an engineering consultant, we pride ourselves on working cooperatively with all parties to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Quality, service and integrity go into every project we do!

Examples of flat roofs on typical commercial buildings.