Provincial Roofing – 2021 Company Achievement Awards

Hartley Russell

Thank you Hartley! Hartley has been with Provincial Roofing for 39 years! Hartley trained all of our sheet metal staff, which includes all of the current Journeymen and Apprentices. His knowledge of the trade is immeasurable, his dedication and loyalty to Provincial all years is proof that there is mutual respect between us. Hartley retired at the end of 2021, and he will be missed. Congratulations and continued success at whatever you decide to do!

Lebert Hunter

Lebert Hunter - Life time Achievement Award

Lebert and Company President, David Uglow, grew up together on the roof. David’s Father hired Lebert just after starting Provincial Roofing and today Lebert was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his loyalty and service to the company. Thank you Lebert!

Silverio Sousa

Silverio Sousa - 30 years award

Silverio has been with Provincial for 30 years! His leadership and wisdom throughout the years is immeasurable! With his great sense of humor, and guidance, he has trained many of our current staff. Thank you Silverio for your dedication and loyalty!

Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia - 30 years award

Pedro has been with Provincial Roofing for 30 years. We are honoured to have such a loyal and hardworking Foreman! Thank you Pedro, for your continued dedication and service!